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Reflection On A Recent Desert Experience


Touched by the darkness of night I am forced to my knees as I cry out to God, where are you?…I cannot find you within the whirling storms of my broken mind. A mind desperately searching in patterns of the past – my heart warming, singing, whispering, come in to the new. Come ‘’ in to being, come into peace, be willing to shed, to be, to allow; to accept this night, this desert of the barren as my compassion. ‘’Be’’ compassion, be your gentle heart. Come in to the stillness of your softness. Put away the harms of years past. A broken sorrow crying tears of hollow chasms that ache for glimmers of the holy. A lifeless and hollow emptiness, a nothingness, a landscape devoid of contours – greying and stripped of all familiar shapes and form. There in the echoing silence, shimmers of a dawn mould about me. Being, surrendering, embracing; finally the glowing warmth of a tenderly held eternal love song.