Suffering Gracefully


Today I came across a poignant reflection on a blog I visit from time to time.

The blog writer wrote: ” I wonder if suffering can be viewed and termed as grateful? I believe so. But to actually suffer gracefully is something I have not mastered. I pray for the graces to suffer gracefully”.

The honesty of these word’s written, struck me in the light that they shine into the depths of my own longing, and the very real and raw realizations that I have  experienced; particularly through the more recent journey in the ‘dark night’ of the last few years. This being.. that while traversing through this time of arid desert, my eye’s had opened to this very actuality. This being that I have not always suffered gracefully; that I have not always suffered with an honesty and integrity that my soul has called me to hold, and that through all the year’s living with chronic illness, I had not ever really learnt how to suffer gracefully. This is the very way the journey meanders along and the path I walk  in finding a unified healing of spirit – and this is the  road I must embrace to come to a life worth living with integrity, honesty and in alignment with my soul’s vision. I guess this is the very thing that the mystics show and mentor to me through and in their own lives of deepest pain and  light… From my broken humanity, I too, pray for the grace of God – to ‘open me’ – to ‘strip me’ of all the ‘contrasts’ that stifle the very light of life that brings forth new hope – a  new life, from the birthing of dark and light, allowing me to feel the growing pains of life gracefully. I acknowledge – I accept -I bless and I surrender to the flow of divine grace that floods my soul each and every day.


About miriangelwings

As a person living with much internal paradox in mental illness whilst also a deep calling to the contemplative life, I feel called to begin this blog as a means of putting words to some of the internal dichotomies that I daily live with as I live out these two realities and as I move further towards the contemplative life as a lay monastic.

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